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Daniel Tillett
Welcome to my personal blog. My aim is to post what is I hope is useful information. I will try to keep the self-indulgent posts to a minimum – after all who wants to read about my cat, especially since I don’t own a cat.

More about me

I am a founder and the CEO of Nucleics – an Australian biotechnology company focused on the development of software tools that improve DNA sequencing and genomics.

I was formerly the CSO andย  Executive Director of Race Oncology from August 2019 to March 2023. Race is an ASX listed biotechnology company bring back to market the lost anticancer drug Bisantrene, which has shown novel potential as a cardioprotective anticancer agent and m6A RNA FTO inhibitor.

I was previously a tenured academic (Senior Lecturer) within the School of Pharmacy and Applied Science at La Trobe University, Australia teaching and researching in the areas of phage therapy (bacterial virology), pharmacy, environmental microbiology, bioinformatics and cancer.

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27 comments on “About me
  1. I’m an old guy with a tiny publishing company trying to list ebooks on iBooks and Amazon. The forms required were driving me and Ken, my accountant, crazy until he found your blog. The W-8BEN-E guidelines were brilliant and I will shortly send the completed form off to meet its fate in the USA. You gave us a good laugh too. Thanks.

  2. W-8BEN instructions! Awesome! I think this act alone has reserved you a place in Heaven.

    I was going to rename my first born to Daniel as a tribute to you, but she says she won’t answer me if I do.

  3. Daniel, I’ve been using a fork of your cutSpel repo the last few years.

    On May 30, a UK organization is holding a webinar meeting on spelling reform, thought you might be interested. See


    The webinar is organized by Anatoly Liberman, president of the English Spelling Society. He is a great speaker. You would enjoy this podcast interview, on NPR:

    I’m a climate scientist and programmer, but dabble in spelling reform for fun. From your forked repo, I changed the dictionary to “SoundSpel” and put it on the chrome store: https://github.com/mark-petersen/SimplifiedSpelling
    as a chrome plug-in. It works great!

    The topic of this meeting is to discuss different reform systems that people have proposed over the years. I might modify your code so that these different systems can be chosen, so people can “test drive” the different spelling systems on any web page.

    Thanks for your original work on this, it’s been really helpful.

  4. Thanks Daniel you rock!
    I hate when I have to fill in these crazy forms to get paid for a cheap ass job!

  5. Thank you Daniel your instruction on filling out the W-8BEN-E form were amazing. Your comments on the IRS were totally apt and very ammusing , even the name W-8BEN-E shouts ‘Beware this ain’t going to be easy’

  6. Send me an email – I have seen this approach before and it may well work. This issue is getting the human data to allow the regulatory agencies to approve this will take quite a bit of time. We need a faster approach I think.

  7. Hi,

    I am a PhD student that tries to create ab1 files from Fasta sequence. I seen in a forum you said you has a in house script to create a one. Would you mind helping me about. Thank you for your help

  8. The code is not really able to be released as it needs to be cleaned up first. If I get the chance over the Christmas break I will see if I can finish it off.

  9. I donโ€™t have a lot of money, but I believe in you, and trust you, I would follow you out the trenches of Gallipoli, you wonโ€™t let us down. Buying Race tomorrow. Please sir look after us.

  10. Hi Daniel, your guide for the W-8BEN-E was a great help. Thanks for sharing.

    Quick addition – if you’re using this to fill out a form for CJ Affiliate, their system will reject answers of over 100 characters (without telling you why). So this answer “Australian entity with no US permanent establishment deriving business profit not subject to withholding tax under the USA-Australian tax treaty” will need to be shortened. I went with “Australian entity with no US permanent establishment deriving business profit”

  11. Thanks so much for your blog on How to complete the W-8BEN-E Form for Australian Companies. It was the only thing on the internet which made sense of that crazy form.

  12. Thank you so much for your assistance with the W8 form in the USA.

    I am just a small business in Australia and suddenly, because a client is domiciled in the USA, i needed to be an expert in USA FACTA – w8 forms.

    Your page was perfect and of great assistance.

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