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Daniel Tillett
Welcome to my personal blog. My aim is to post what is I hope is useful information. I will try to keep the self-indulgent posts to a minimum – after all who wants to read about my cat, especially since I don’t own a cat.

More about me

I am a founder and the CEO of Nucleics – an Australian biotechnology company focused on the development of software tools that improve DNA sequencing.

I have been a Senior Lecturer within the School of Pharmacy and Applied Science at La Trobe University teaching and researching in the areas of phage therapy, environmental microbiology, bioinformatics and cancer.

LinkedIn – Daniel Tillett
Research Gate – Daniel Tillett
Github – Daniel Tillett

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  1. I’m an old guy with a tiny publishing company trying to list ebooks on iBooks and Amazon. The forms required were driving me and Ken, my accountant, crazy until he found your blog. The W-8BEN-E guidelines were brilliant and I will shortly send the completed form off to meet its fate in the USA. You gave us a good laugh too. Thanks.

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