Langmeil Orphan Bank Shiraz 2009

The Barrosa had a reasonably good year in 2009 and one of the best wines I have from that vintage is the Langmeil Orphan Bank Shiraz 2009. I found it on the Dan Murphys “wall of death” (i.e. off the main floor and hidden away in a corner). I was intrigued by the story on the back of the bottle about them saving some of the original 19th C. shiraz vines from the ravages of the 80s vine pull. I thought I would buy a bottle even though it is a bit outside of my normal price range ($42). I am certainly glad I did as it is worth every cent. I have had $80 wines that are nowhere as good as this. Highly recommended.

Orphan Bank

Price $42.75
Value >$75

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