Metala White Label Shiraz Cabernet 2012

I have been rather busy (slack) and have not been posting about the good value wines I have been drinking in 2015. One I should mention is the Metala White Label Shiraz Cabernet 2012. This wine is always good value, but in a great vintage like 2012 it is outstanding value. The South Australian Shiraz Cabernet is an old fashion typical Australian blend. The 2012 Metala is a great example of this blend and at less than $15 a bottle it is a steal.

The other great thing about Metala is it matures really well under less than ideal conditions (i.e. the back of my cupboard). If you have the patience then you will get a totally amazing wine in 2020 for almost nothing (the 2004 and 2006 I finished off last year were fantastic). Buy, buy, and then buy some more of this wine ’till you can’t store anymore.


Price $14
Value $25

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