New iPad

On a bit of a impulse I decided to try my luck getting a new iPad at BigW on Friday morning (I was driving past around the time they open). While there were quite a few apple desperadoes ahead of me in the queue (I was last in line), I thought it might be worth the wait. Luckily they still had the model I wanted (32G wifi black) by the time they got down to me so I bought it.

I didn’t get much chance to play with it yesterday (work), but I have had a bit of a chance today. I already have the version 1 iPad. I can say the only important difference between the two is the screen. While this might not seem that important the new screen is immaculate – so much that it makes the old iPad seem like something out of the 80s. I can’t stress enough how much better the new screen is than the old. If like me you use your iPad mostly to read then the new iPad is not just an incremental upgrade, it is revolutionary. It is a shame that Steve didn’t live to see it released as I am sure this is what he always had in mind what the iPad should be – maybe Apple’s stock will reach $700 yet.

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